Re-Elect Liz Bennett

State Representative, Iowa HD 65

Fairness, Justice, and Opportunity: A Campaign for Iowa Values.

As a young professional with a background in tech, Rep. Bennett has a special understanding of today’s workforce, and the education our kids need to succeed. She has spent her time in office fighting for public education, green jobs, and a fair day’s wages for a fair day’s work. She knows what it’s like to worry about health insurance, and has been a strong advocate for mental health and fixing Iowa’s Medicaid mess. 

Rep. Bennett uses her unique perspective and energy to work for progress for residents of House District 65. She’s got compassion and guts, and you want her on your side in a fight.

Find Out How and Where to Vote

Tuesday, November 6 will be here fast. Your vote is VERY IMPORTANT: Some races will be decided by 100 votes or LESS. Liz needs your help and so do other candidates who want to get Iowa and our nation going in the right direction. Get more info at the Linn County Elections site below. 

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