Originally from the Quad Cities, Liz Bennett is a State Representative from Cedar Rapids.

Her family is rich with a tradition of community service, from her grandmother serving as a long-time volunteer with the Visiting Nurses Association.

Her paternal grandmother lobbied and became one of the first female members of the local optimists’ club.

Her father, Steve, is a retired State Trooper, Vietnam Veteran and volunteer firefighter, Fleet Commander of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxillary, and a Boy Scout leader.

Liz’s mother, Cathy, worked as a court reporter until her children were born, and then became a full-time, stay-at-home mother also volunteering in community activities.

She’s continued her family tradition of community service, volunteering with AniMeals and the German Shepherd Dog Rescue or Iowa.

Liz has a great passion for Democratic values, and social justice issues. She volunteered for the Obama campaign in 2007, making countless hours of phone calls and recruiting friends for caucus activities.

Liz Bennett Accomplishments:

2009 – Elected to Linn County Democratic Central Committee
2010 – Chaired Precinct Caucus
2010 – Chaired Float Building for Linn County Democrats
2011 – Chaired Float Building Freedom Fest Parade
Volunteer and Regional Organizer for One Iowa

Knocked on doors for Rep. Kirsten Running-Marquardt, Rep. Art Staed, and Sen. Liz Mathis. Her fellow Democrats showed their trust and faith in Liz by electing Liz as a Delegate to the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.

She graduated with a double major in Politics and Women’s Studies from Cornell College.

Many local Democrats urged Liz to run for office when Tyler Olson decided not to seek

Liz Bennett’s political career began when Tyler Olson decided not to seek another term in office. Many Democrats encouraged Liz to run for Tyler’s seat, and she did so gratefully stepping up to the challenge. She loved Iowa and knew that she is a great voice for her district and the state.

Liz currently serves in the Iowa House on the Environmental Protection, Natural Resources, Economic Growth and Economic Growth Budget committees. As a member of these committees, Liz understands the urgency of action on climate change, and also the economic opportunities that expanded focus on sustainable energy production will bring to Iowa. As a younger representative herself, Liz is excited to see young people rising to advocate for a sustainable future.