Rep. Liz Bennett, Democratic Representative from Iowa. Progressive Leader, LGBT Elected Official.

Vision: Inclusive Iowa

It’s Pretty Simple, Really

As State Representative for Iowa House District 65, Representative Bennett is committed to upholding the highest values of our nation: Liberty and Justice for All.

The promise of America lies in the principle that any person can achieve their dreams, regardless of the color of their skin, the language they first learn to speak, the way in which they worship, their gender,  or who they love.

We are strongest when we act out of a spirit of innovation, vision, and unity, not when we act out of fear and division.

In keeping with Iowa’s history of progress, Rep. Bennett will work to ensure that all of her constituents truly have access to America’s promise.

Do you agree?

If you believe that right now is a time to stand together against hatred, discrimination, fear, and division, will you help send Liz Bennett back to the State House by donating today?