Rep. Liz Bennett, D, HD-65, Cedar Rapids, talking with a constituent.

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

Education: Pre-K to Professional

Iowans have always taken pride in our public education system. We should fund pre-k-12 schools, and help families control college costs by funding community college and university. 

Clean Water and Clean Energy

Iowans deserve clean water. Political gridlock has prevented meaningful legislation to clean up water. 

We should evaluate pollution sources to ensure that polluters are taking responsibility. 

We should do our part to slow climate change by continuing to reduce carbon emissions. We should restore energy efficiency programs, and continue to prioritize wind and solar energy.

Good Jobs for Iowa

Too many Iowa families rely on multiple low-wage jobs to get by. 

We need to evaluate tax credits to large corporations to ensure that the jobs created are family-sustaining jobs, and we should ask big-box stores whose business models force the majority of their employees to receive public aid to pay their fair share.

We should repeal legislation stopping county and city governments from raising the minimum wage.

Caring for Our Veterans

We should keep our promises to our Veterans by expanding access to healthcare, job training, by prioritizing funding the the Iowa Veterans’s Home, and by working to make Iowa’s Veterans benefits lead the nation.

Justice Reform

Iowa should roll back last year’s legislation that damaged injured workers’ access to justice. 

We should continue to work to eliminate implicit bias in our justice systems and eliminate disproportionate incarceration of black and brown people in Iowa.

Affordable Healthcare

We should fund mental health and clean up the Branstad/Reynolds Medicaid mess, and we can’t stop there. 

Too many Iowans are stuck with high-deductible plans that make it almost impossible to go to the doctor. This is unacceptable.

This Land is Made for You and Me: An inclusive vision for Iowa.